Industrial Coatings

We offer our expertise and innovative solutions for the protection and maintenance of tanks and pipelines.

Our broad portfolio of industrial coating technologies is the result of years of research, innovation and development. We have longstanding experience in petrochemical applications for extremely demanding conditions, such as high pressures and highly corrosive environments.


Commercial tank refurbishments above and below ground


Leak detection systems for double-walled tanks and pipelines manufactured and installed (of which 1,000 remotely monitored)

Wolftank Industrial Coating
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Double floor DOPA® application

Aboveground storage tank

With over 35 years of experience working with an environmentally and economically sustainable approach, we are fully committed to circularity and advocate high-quality refurbishment of industrial assets as the most durable, economical and sustainable solution for our customers.

We promote solvent-free and non-flammable resins to minimise the environmental and HSE impact of all operations. Moreover, our no-man-entry solutions are the state of the art in the industry.

Thanks to continuous in-house development, combined with the practical know-how we have acquired over the years, we offer excellent technologies for the lining and renovation of liquid storage facilities. Whether it is high chemical resistance, food-grade requirements, severe weather conditions or single-to-double-wall refurbishments, our priority is to ensure the safe storage and transport of liquids, with sophisticated products that extend the lifetime of both storage tanks and pipelines.

We help customers around the world protect their assets with technologies developed and certified according to national and international standards. 

Conductive layer
Second layer of epoxy resin
Aluminium reinforcement
Knotted aluminum layer
First layer of structural epoxy resin
Steel tank wall previously sandblasted

The DOPA® system is our patented technology comparable to the replacement of a single-wall storage tank with a double-wall storage tank. It allows your storage tanks to be classified within the highest standard of environmental safety (EN13160 class 1) and comes with a 24h/24 remote monitoring leak detection system accessible via web, completely smart and autonomous.

Terminals & storage

Our products withstand continuous contact with crude oil, petroleum products and fuels as structural and semi-structural coatings. We also protect and condition tanks, vessels and pipes for contact with aggressive modern biofuels such as ethanol, methanol and biodiesel.

Wolftank Group puts its knowledge at the service of the market, providing structural linings and corrosion protection for storage tanks on demand.

Further services offered include:

Floating Roof Outside
High performance corrosion,
UV and VOC coating protection with
abrasion resistant properties
for floating roof tanks.
Fix Roof
Ad-hoc developed protective
coatings for the external
and internal roof protection
of storage tanks in difficult
Floating Roof Inside
Tank inside roof protection
with coatings in possible contact
with storage liquids as well as
mechanical sustainable properties.
Aboveground (AST) storage tank
upgrade from single to double
floor with continuous vacuum
monitoring using the
DOPA® technology.
Corrosion, UV and VOC
protection with innovative coating
technologies and curing times
under 2 hrs.
Anti-corrosive, abrasion resistant
and elastic sealing systems for
storage tank ring walls.
Abrasion and environmentally
resistant coatings for the external
protection of pipes and tubes in
storage farms.
Secondary Containment
Mechanical resistant surface
sealings for secondary containments
in concrete or asphalt.
ringwall-before.jpg ringwall-after.jpg
Shell-before.jpg shell-after.jpg
roof-before.jpg roof-after.jpg
secondary-contaiment-before.jpg secondary-containment-after.jpg
floating-roof-before.png floating-roof-outside.png
Pipe-Coating-Before.jpg Pipe-Coating-After.jpg

Service stations

The Wolftank Group has in-depth expertise in the sustainable upgrading of service stations. To prevent soil and water pollution as well as fuel loss, we apply spill prevention solutions in tanks, pipes, sumps and forecourts of retail fuel systems, thus extending the lifespan of these facilities. We have developed our exclusive DOPA® lining system, which transforms single-storage tanks into double-walled tanks. This patented system, together with continuous remote monitoring, ensures the  protection and integrity of the facility while maintaining with the same quality standards worldwide. In addition, our spill management technologies, degassing and remediation solutions ensure 100% safe service station operation.
Leak Detection
Vacuum and pressure leak
detection systems
(class 1 acc. EN 13160) for
tanks, sumps, wells and pipes.
Concrete Sealing
Rehabilitate damaged concrete
container for long lasting
integrity using special formulated
sealing solutions.
Sump Sealing
Sump rehabilitation with
abrasion resistant and
easy-to-apply sealing coatings.
Forecourt Sealing
Flexible and abrasion
resistant forecourt and
secondary containment coating with
long-lasting properties
and environmental sustainability.
Tank Cleaning
No-Man-Entry (NME) tank
cleaning technologies and
surface preparation liquids
for heavy rust or sludge removal.
Single- and Double Wall Lining
Corrosion protection for
underground storage tanks (UST)
with continuous vacuum monitoring
using the DOPA® technology.
FRP Tank Lining
Fibreglass reinforced
polyester tank rehabilitation
with special bilayer woven
fibreglass providing high
tank integrity.
Pipe Coating
Epoxy-based internal pipe
coatings resistant against
gasoline, diesel, modern biofuels
or even chemicals.
Crack and Hole Sealing
Quick-acting external crack
and hole sealing for steel
and FRP tanks without hot-works.
Pre-Dopa-Installatino.jpg Dopa-Installation-After.jpg
Forecourt-Protection-Before.jpg Forecourt-Protection-After.jpg
Concrete-Sealing-Before.jpg Concrete-Sealing-After.jpg
FRP-Tank-Wall-Cleaned.jpg FRP-Restored-Tank.jpg
Pre-Dopa-Installatino.jpg Dopa-Installation-After.jpg
Pipe-Coating-Before-1.jpg Pipe-Coating-After-1.jpg
Previo1.jpg Final.jpg
After-Pinhole-Test-Tank-lining-in-Austria.jpg Concrete-Sealing-After.jpg
TCR-15-inserting-into-tank-1.png Rust-converter-tank-surface-preparation.jpg

Public & Industrial Water

We also protect the handling, preservation and storage of the most precious liquid of all: water.

The provision of potable water and the containment of wastewater is an increasing challenge for both public and private companies. Our portfolio offers high-quality solutions for sealing water sumps, vessels and pipes, irrespective of whether it is fresh, hot, saline or waste water. With our innovative coating systems and our strong distribution network, we successfully join the water value chain and preserve the water quality.

Further services offered include:

Bisphenol A-free | Solvent-free

Compliant to European regulations (Directive no. 98/83/EC of 3 November 1998 (cf. Article 10)).

Protective coatings for drinkable water

In contact with water intended for human consumption, some materials and objects can cause a deterioration in the organoleptic, physio-chemical or microbiological characteristics of the water. Wolftank Group guarantees the safety of materials and objects used in permanent installations for the supply, treatment and production of water intended for human consumption.

Solutions for the storage of hot water, industrial water or wastewater

High-temperature water, contaminated water, salt water or wastewater all present difficult conditions for coating materials and systems. However, our specially formulated coatings and proper application can provide satisfactory long-term protection.

Detailed information

Coating Systems for Consumable Water

Specially formulated coating systems according to current health and consumer regulations.

Coating Systems for Industrial Water

Resistant coating solutions for industrial water storage, transport and distribution.

Coating Systems for Wastewater Treatment

High-performance wastewater coatings to sustain a wide range of pollution from contaminated waters.

ADISA® Epoxy Resins


Adisa® is the leading brand of coating and lining products that deliver excellent results. The high competence of each Adisa® solution guarantees a flawless and long-lasting result in the enhancement of the customer’s assets. In addition, the solvent-free nature of Adisa® products ensures environmentally friendly application.

Structural tank reinforcement

DOPA®: Double wall technology that eliminates costly tank replacements

Our DOPA® lining system is suitable for converting single-wall tanks to double-wall tanks used to store potentially hazardous liquids such as automotive fuels or chemicals. DOPA® ensures the highest level of protection by using our proprietary continuous vacuum monitoring of the interstitial space. This enables the system to achieve the highest standards of environmental safety (EN 13160 Class 1). The system is also certified according to the German DIBt and EN 13160-7:2016 for the complete lining of underground tanks as well as for the second-floor section of flat bottom tanks.

Contact & details

Our coating products and lining systems, including DOPA®, are available worldwide. Our many years of experience in customs and shipping means that we can offer hassle-free customer service and delivery.

They can be applied to above-ground tanks, underground tanks and concrete surfaces in contact with chemicals, water, food, etc.

Our external coatings can protect your assets from C3 to C5, meaning we have solutions for even the harshest conditions.

Many of our products are approved for use with aggressive biofuels such as ethanol. In particular, our EPOFLEX® range of coatings is highly compatible with aggressive storage liquids.

We offer training to local technicians in the application of our certified coatings and structural lining technologies.

A vacuum interstitial space is created and monitored 24/7 by a vacuum leak detection system. It consists of a primary and a secondary containment.

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