Wolf­tank-Adisa Holding AG

Object of the company: Asset manage­ment, invest­ment manage­ment
VAT number: ATU63994547
Com­mer­cial regis­ter number: FN 306731a
Com­mer­cial Regis­ter Court: Lan­des­ge­richt Inns­bruck
Head­quar­ters: Inns­bruck, Austria
Geo­gra­phi­cal address: Gra­ben­weg 58, 6020 Inns­bruck, Austria

Tele­pho­ne: +43 (0) 512 345 726
Fax: +43 (0) 512 345 726 – 89

Mem­bers­hips at the Eco­no­mic Chamber Orga­niz­a­ti­on: WKÖ, WK Tirol

App­li­ca­ble Legis­la­ti­on: Gewer­be­ord­nung 1994 (Federal Law Gazette No. 194/1194), as amended, avail­ab­le at

Super­vi­so­ry Aut­ho­ri­ty / Trade Aut­ho­ri­ty: District Com­mis­si­on Inns­bruck, Austria

Board: Dr. Ing. Peter M. Werth
Super­vi­so­ry Board (Chair): RA Markus Wenner


The grea­test care has been taken in the pre­pa­ra­ti­on of this pre­sen­ta­ti­on, but changes, errors and omis­si­ons are reser­ved. The state­ments made in the pre­sen­ta­ti­on are based on judgments, his­to­ri­cal data and esti­ma­tes at the time the pre­sen­ta­ti­on was pre­pa­red.
This infor­ma­ti­on is for pro­mo­tio­nal pur­po­ses. There is no legal obli­ga­ti­on to prepare a secu­ri­ties pro­spec­tus for this invest­ment. The private pla­ce­ment pre­sen­ta­ti­on is the­re­fo­re not the subject of a pro­ce­du­re for its appro­val by the Finan­cial Market Aut­ho­ri­ty. Decisi­ve for the invest­ment in Wolf­tank-Adisa Holding AG is the Arti­cles of Asso­cia­ti­on. The infor­ma­ti­on is not a finan­cial ana­ly­sis. The invest­ment is an entre­pre­neu­ri­al invest­ment that is subject to risks. The pre­sen­ta­ti­on inclu­ding all its parts is pro­tec­ted by copy­right. Any use of the pre­sen­ta­ti­on requi­res the prior written consent of Wolf­tank-Adisa Holding AG. This applies in par­ti­cu­lar to repro­duc­tions, trans­la­ti­ons and the storage and pro­ces­sing in elec­tro­nic systems.
Secu­ri­ties tran­sac­tions involve risks, in par­ti­cu­lar the risk of a total loss of the inves­ted capital. The­re­fo­re, before making any invest­ment decisi­on, you should tho­rough­ly seek per­so­nal advice, taking into account your per­so­nal wealth and invest­ment situa­ti­on, and not base your invest­ment decisi­on on the infor­ma­ti­on publis­hed in this docu­ment. Please contact your credit and secu­ri­ties insti­tu­tes. The admis­si­bi­li­ty of the acqui­si­ti­on of a secu­ri­ty may be subject to various con­di­ti­ons, in par­ti­cu­lar your natio­na­li­ty; please also consult accord­in­gly before making an invest­ment decision.