Finan­cial calendar

Important release dates of our IR related acti­vi­ties and releases 
Fri., 23.09.2022
Publi­ca­ti­on of the 2022 half-year results
Fri., 17.06.2022
Divi­dend payment date
Thu., 16.06.2022
Divi­dend record date
Wed., 15.06.2022
Ex-divi­dend date
Fri., 10.06.2022
13th Annual General Meeting
Tue., 31.05.2022
Record date “Annual General Meeting”
Fri., 29.04.2022
Publi­ca­ti­on of the annual results 2021
Eigen­ka­pi­tal­fo­rum, Frankfurt
Börse München m:access Fach­tech­no­lo­gie Kon­fe­renz, München
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