Our approach

We live sus­taina­bi­li­ty on a daily basis and con­stant­ly monitor our per­for­mance in terms of envi­ron­ment, social and gover­nan­ce. On top of the “S” for social aspects we inte­gra­ted safety and con­scious­ly imple­ment mea­su­res and actions to provide and promote a safe working envi­ron­ment in all our teams. Since 2020, we estab­lis­hed a Global Risk Pre­ven­ti­on Spe­cia­list who pro­mo­tes safety and risk pre­ven­ti­on mea­su­res within the Group. 

The global context and Wolf­tank Group’s response

The world is facing a climate crisis. The requi­red change is not limited to the needed energy tran­si­ti­on: It is crucial to con­si­der jointly the aspects of decar­bo­ni­sa­ti­on, con­ta­mi­na­ti­on reduc­tion, envi­ron­men­tal reco­very or cir­cu­la­ri­ty to fully con­tri­bu­te to a sus­tainab­le planet.

At Wolf­tank Group, we deeply believe that this global trans­for­ma­ti­on will only be pos­si­ble with a com­pre­hen­si­ve approach. Since the start of our busi­ness, we have imple­men­ted a working method based on a holistic perspective.

Thanks to this journey that we have fol­lo­wed over more than 30 years, we have acqui­red exten­si­ve know­ledge and expe­ri­ence. This enables us to face today’s chal­len­ges in energy and mobi­li­ty from 360 degrees.

We act for a liveab­le envi­ron­ment and have:

A clear com­mit­ment to energy tran­si­ti­on in mobi­li­ty, trans­port and indus­tri­al acti­vi­ties, pro­mo­ting hydro­gen as a major player. 

A clear awa­reness that envi­ron­men­tal care is not only based on reme­dia­ti­on but should also be accom­pa­nied by pre­ven­ti­on and early detec­tion through sus­tainab­le and durable solutions. 

A com­mit­ment to cir­cu­la­ri­ty, unders­tood not only as recy­cling but as a com­pre­hen­si­ve system that starts with the product design. 

A com­mit­ment to inno­va­ti­on, the deve­lo­p­ment of our own pro­ducts & solu­ti­ons (allowing us to control the entire process), and a con­stant effort to improve all our pro­ducts and services. 

A focus on ecology, respec­ting and res­to­ring soil & water. 

A com­mit­ment to people, offe­ring a safe working envi­ron­ment, deve­lo­ping a strong network of part­ners and cus­to­mers, and imple­men­ting solid and trans­pa­rent rela­ti­ons­hips with our investors. 

Ulti­mate­ly, pro­vi­ding a better eco­sys­tem for everyone.

To support the global energy tran­si­ti­on requi­red, our company is com­mit­ted to the princi­ples of the Euro­pean Green Deal and drives all its acti­vi­ties main­tai­ning a clear focus on the United Nations Sus­tainab­le Deve­lo­p­ment Goals, acting fully aligned to their basis. In addi­ti­on, Wolf­tank inte­gra­tes the sus­taina­bi­li­ty concept in all the aspects of its busi­ness, sprea­ding this com­mit­ment through all the areas that con­sti­tu­te it.

Down­load Wolf­tank Group’s Sus­taina­bi­li­ty Strategy.

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