Our approach

We live sustainability on a daily basis and constantly monitor our performance in terms of environment, social and governance. On top of the “S” for social aspects we integrated safety and consciously implement measures and actions to provide and promote a safe working environment in all our teams. Since 2020, we established a Global Risk Prevention Specialist who promotes safety and risk prevention measures within the Group.

The global context and Wolftank Group’s response

The world is facing a climate crisis. The required change is not limited to the needed energy transition: It is crucial to consider jointly the aspects of decarbonisation, contamination reduction, environmental recovery or circularity to fully contribute to a sustainable planet.

At Wolftank Group, we deeply believe that this global transformation will only be possible with a comprehensive approach. Since the start of our business, we have implemented a working method based on a holistic perspective.

Thanks to this journey that we have followed over more than 30 years, we have acquired extensive knowledge and experience. This enables us to face today’s challenges in energy and mobility from 360 degrees.

We act for a liveable environment and have:

A clear commitment to energy transition in mobility, transport and industrial activities, promoting hydrogen as a major player.

A clear awareness that environmental care is not only based on remediation but should also be accompanied by prevention and early detection through sustainable and durable solutions.

A commitment to circularity, understood not only as recycling but as a comprehensive system that starts with the product design.

A commitment to innovation, the development of our own products & solutions (allowing us to control the entire process), and a constant effort to improve all our products and services.

A focus on ecology, respecting and restoring soil & water.

A commitment to people, offering a safe working environment, developing a strong network of partners and customers, and implementing solid and transparent relationships with our investors.

Ultimately, providing a better ecosystem for everyone.

To support the global energy transition required, our company is committed to the principles of the European Green Deal and drives all its activities maintaining a clear focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, acting fully aligned to their basis. In addition, Wolftank integrates the sustainability concept in all the aspects of its business, spreading this commitment through all the areas that constitute it.

Download Wolftank Group’s Sustainability Strategy.

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