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Hydrogen is a very versatile and non-polluting energy carrier: its use produces only water. It is also very light and has an extremely high gravimetric energy density. Green hydrogen is a “game changer” for decarbonization. Wolftank Group provides long-standing expertise, invests in R&D and builds the necessary hydrogen infrastructure for an emission-free future.

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Hydrogen is virtually everywhere, accounting for an estimated 75% of the mass of the entire universe. Nevertheless, it only occurs in bound form, as a component of larger chemical compounds such as water. Thus, hydrogen must be produced with an additional energy input and is therefore a secondary energy carrier, comparable to electricity or heat. 

Hydrogen is a very versatile and non-polluting energy vector: its use only produces water. It is also very light and, at the same time, has an extremely high gravimetric energy density: one kilogram of hydrogen contains an enormous amount of energy, making it an efficient and very lightweight energy carrier.

There are different methods of hydrogen production, which use several primary energy sources. Depending on the origin of the energy used in the process and the associated emissions, the hydrogen produced can be classified into different “colours”. The “green” or “renewable” hydrogen is the most interesting, since its manufacturing process does not cause direct carbon dioxide emissions, neither during production nor during combustion. 

“Green” hydrogen is produced from renewable energy sources and with low (or zero) associated pollutant emissions. The best acknowledged green hydrogen production method is the electrolysis of water, which consists of separating the water’s molecule into its components (hydrogen and oxygen) by applying electric current in an electrochemical device called an electrolyser.

In the context of climate change, the Paris Agreement (2015) established a global framework by limiting global warming to well below 2°C and continuing efforts to limit it to 1.5°C. To achieve this target, science suggests that humans would need to neutralize their impact on the global climate by 2050 at the latest.

Following this advice, the European Union has developed its “Green Deal” roadmap, which aims to achieve climate neutrality in 2050. In September 2022, the European Union took a historic decision: It is establishing a EUR 3 billion European Hydrogen Bank that will further boost the hydrogen market and develop it from a niche to a mass market.

Hydrogen will be a “game changer” for Europe. Within this framework of necessary decarbonisation, green hydrogen plays a key role worldwide.

to 2024
Production of hydrogen from non-fossil (green) sources reaches a total capacity of 6GW (1 million tons).
2025 to 2030
Increase total power to 40GW
within 2050

September 2022 announcement

EU Hydrogen Bank is created with an initial capital of € 3 billion to help the market, which needs to reach the EU’s proposed 2030 target of producing 10 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen each year.

We contribute by building the necessary infrastructure for hydrogen

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Kg H2 safely refilled in vehicles, buses, trucks, forklifts and others

We develop hydrogen technologies
that enable an energy-efficient connection

production facilities
end consumers,
whether they belong to small or large networks.

Transport solution for short to mid distances, with our Hydrogen Logistic Container.

Turnkey Hydrogen Station

From planning to construction and the final station with our Hydrogen Refuelling Station.

Hydrogen to Electricity

Providing high quantity of electrical energy in short time at decentralised places with our H22E Powercube.


Flexible hydrogen dispensing with our Hydrogen Smart Fueller (HSF).


Hydrogen fuelling wherever you want with our innovative Hydrogen Smart Container (HSC).

Turnkey Hydrogen Station

From planning to construction and the final station with our Hydrogen Refuelling Station.

Hydrogen transport

Hydrogen Logistic Container


Wolftank Hydrogen Logistic Container is an innovative mobile solution ideal for an efficient hydrogen supply, specially for short and medium distances.

TPED certified (Transportable Pressure Equipment), it has 300 bar or 500 bar versions. This innovative solution provides energy and time-saving during the filling and emptying processes. It enables ecologically sustainable hydrogen distribution and it can be transported by any authorized logistic provider. ADR and ISO 10961.2020.


According to TPED (transportable pressure equipment).


Ecologically sustainable hydrogen supply especially for short and medium distances.


Energy and time saving filling and emptying processes.

Wolftank Hydrogen Logistic Container for hydrogen transport

Up to 6 sections

Storage media:
Type I vessels

State-of-the-art technology converting hydrogen to electricity.


Electricity output capable of fast charging BEV in areas with insufficient electric coverage.


Suitable to supply cars, trucks and buses, as well as an energy generator for construction sites, events or complete back-up system.

Hydrogen to Electricity technology for backup systems
Hydrogen to Electricity

H22E PowerCube

Renewable local electric energy production

Hydrogen 2E PowerCube is the ideal solution to provide high quantity of electrical energy in short time at decentralised places. Hydrogen obtained from a local renewable energy source is converted into electricity via the Wolftank Hydrogen 2E PowerCube. This stage-of-the-art system can supply electricity to cars, trucks and buses and can be applied for fast charging of BEV in areas with insufficient electric infrastructure, as an energy generator for construction sites and events or as an emergency back-up system.

Hydrogen Dispensing

Hydrogen Smart Fueller


Wolftank Hydrogen Smart Fueller (HSF) is a safe and reliable refuelling system for all kinds of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV).

This stand-alone unit is an affordable solution for hydrogen dispensing and is offered in multiple variations for 350 bar and 700 bar. It has a remarkable layout for easy and safe handling of the dispenser. TÜV certified. It implements all state-of-the-art refuelling protocols (e.g., SAE® J2601, JPEC, etc.).


TÜV certified control unit safely operates more than 100 hydrogen refuelling stations worldwide.


Refuelling processes are carried out with highly efficient storage and workflow management.


350 bar, 700 bar and double dispensing versions available.

Hydrogen Smart FUELLER for dispensing hydrogen
Refuelling pressure:
350 bar or 700 bar
Ambient temperature:
-20°C to +40°C
Pneumatic supply:
Dry air, max. pressure of 10
bar (approx. 15 Nl per refuelling process)

Various versions available: 350 bar and 700 bar for forklift, car, truck, bus and more...


Great for pilot projects, test facility applications, demo and marketing projects.


Software-controlled refuelling according to state-of-the-art protocols (e.g. SAE, JPEC).

Wolftank Hydrogen Smart Container Refuelling Solution
6,06 m x 2,44 m x 2,59 m
350 bar | 700 bar
Storage capacity:
up to 55 kg H2 @ 500 bar
up to 15 kg H2 @ 900 bar
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU
Pressure Equipment
Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU
Hydrogen Refuelling

Hydrogen Smart Container

Small fleet solution for road mobility

Wolftank Hydrogen Smart Container (HSC) is a durable mobile hydrogen station that refuels all common vehicle types anywhere and under the most adverse circumstances.

Its configuration is available as 350 bar and 700 bar. Refuelling is safe and software-controlled according to state-of-the-art protocols (e.g., SAE, JPEC). It is an ideal backup for hydrogen refuelling stations and ensures maximum availability. Certified ATEX 2014/34/EU, PED 2014/68/EU, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Turnkey hydrogen station

Hydrogen Refuelling station

Enabling zero-emission energy supply

Wolftank Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) is the most comprehensive and innovative solution for hydrogen mobility.

Our full services include engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), enabling our customers to receive a turnkey hydrogen station in a short period of time. Transport, storage, compression or dispensing: all the steps can be covered thanks to our state-of-the-art technologies. Ideal eco-sustainable station for the zero-emission society.

Insights into one of our major HRS projects:

Client: Bolzano, Italy. Constructed and developed for Sasa AG | Planning time: 3 months | Construction time: 9 weeks

Refuelling of 2 vehicles in parallel in a 10 min. cycle with at least 10min. buffering.


With optimal supply, approx. 6 buses can be refuelled per hour.


Can be extended with additional high-pressure accumulator and compressor.

Hydrogen Refuelling Station built by Wolftank
Dispenser: 2 Wolftank Smart Fueller Dispenser (HSF)
at 350 bar, designed for parallel and fast cooled refuelling
2 Wolftank TPED containers
340 kg, 300 bar,
20’ and 2 sections
Internal storage:
2 sections, 500 bar,
totally 160 kg H2
2 Compressors, 10 bar – 500 bar,
average performance 50kg/h each compressor

We actively support
the transition to zero emission mobility

Turnkey components and assemblies for the construction and planning of hydrogen service stations

Mobile storage containers for decentralized hydrogen distribution

Energy solutions for emergency electricity supply via fuel cell systems

Stand-alone solutions with fuel cell systems

Hydrogen production from renewable sources

Upgrades for existing natural gas pipelines for the transportation of hydrogen

Hydrogen Solutions Technical Director:

Dr. Ing. Jörg Neugärtner

Amongst our Hydrogen clients:
We are part of:

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