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Wol­f­­tank-Adisa Holding AG invites to the annual general meeting
CEO Peter Werth in an inter­view with the Vienna Stock Exchan­ge — DIRECT TALK about the Wolf­tank Group
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Wolf­tank Group reports suc­cess­ful finan­cial year 2021 and laun­ches new brand iden­ti­ty for future positioning
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DRK 32 becomes Wolf­tank Germany
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Wolf­tank Group deve­lo­ps zero-emis­­si­on hydro­gen emer­gen­cy power gene­ra­tors for leading Italian telecom company TIM tog­e­ther with SFC Energy
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SFC Energy and Wolf­tank Group coope­ra­te on climate-neutral emer­gen­cy power supply by hydro­gen fuel cells for cri­ti­cal infra­st­ruc­tu­re and hydro­gen refu­e­ling stations

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