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Our approach
We live sustainability on a daily basis and constantly monitor our performance in terms of environment, social and governance. On top of the “S” for social aspects we integrated safety and consciously implement measures and actions to provide and promote a safe working environment in all our teams. Since 2020, we established a Global Risk Prevention Specialist who promotes safety and risk prevention measures within the Group.
Corporate policies and Code of ethics
As part of our ethical commitment, we develop all our activities respecting and within the framework of our code of ethics which applies to every member of the Group, from the Managing Team to every single employee.
Sustainable Development Goals
Reporting and ESG rating
Wolftank published its first Sustainability Report for the year 2020. It was prepared following the GRI standards of the Global Reporting Institute. Since then, we release environmental, social and governance information on an annual basis in the Sustainability Report.
Sustainability contact
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