Wolftank Group celebrates 5 years at the Stock Exchange

On 21 January 2019, Wolftank Group embarked on a journey that would set a new course for our company. By listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange and the Munich Stock Exchange, the company solidified its industry stance and embarked on a journey of substantial growth and innovation, driven by strategic acquisitions and the expansion of its technological capabilities into new markets.

Since its initial public offering, Wolftank Group has achieved remarkable progress. The strategic acquisitions of Rovereta and Petroltecnica in Italy have played an important role in expanding its service offerings and market penetration. These moves have not only enhanced Wolftank’s capabilities in environmental services but also laid a solid foundation for sustainable growth. Furthermore, the company’s investment in EDC Anlagentechnik has broadened its technological reach, strengthening its position in the hydrogen market.

The group’s growth strategy has been complemented by significant strategic partnerships, as a joint venture with Q8 for Mares. The establishment of subsidiaries Wolftank Hydrogen and Wolftank USA reflects the company’s commitment to diversifying its portfolio and entering new, high-potential markets with a focus on sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

Wolftank Group has leveraged financial initiatives, including successful capital increases and strategic deals, to support its ambitious growth plans. These initiatives have been instrumental in financing the company’s high order backlog, ensuring Wolftank Group’s financial health and resilience.

Our five-year journey on the Vienna Stock Exchange has been instrumental in Wolftank Group’s strategic expansion and growth,” said Peter Werth, CEO of Wolftank Group. “The listing has provided us with essential visibility and credibility, opening up avenues for capital that have been vital in our pursuit of innovation, strategic acquisitions, and global market penetration. It set the stage for us to ambitiously expand and grow beyond our initial boundaries, enabling us to confidently enter new markets and technologies. We are very grateful for the trust and support of our shareholders and the financial community, which have been key to our achievements.

Looking ahead, Wolftank Group remains dedicated to driving innovation, pursuing strategic growth opportunities, and enhancing shareholder value, all while contributing to environmental sustainability and the energy transition. The past five years on the Vienna Stock Exchange mark just the beginning of the company’s ambitious forward journey.


Wolftank Group and the Vienna Stock Exchange

Wolftank Group and the Vienna Stock Exchange
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