HSF installed in Canarias.

Wolftank Iberia introduces hydrogen refueling to the Canary Islands

Wolftank has successfully completed a pioneering hydrogen project in the Canary Islands: The Spanish team brought its Hydrogen Smart Fueler (HSF) to the islands’ first 100% renewable biorefinery, reaffirming the company’s commitment to straightforward and efficient decarbonization efforts.

Renewable energy at a major government technology center

Wolftank Iberia has successfully installed our HSF in Gran Canaria. This new facility marks a groundbreaking initiative on the island, focused on the production of synthetic fuels from green hydrogen. The project has been financed by the European Union’s New Generation Funds.

The HSF installed by the Iberian team consists of a 350-bar hydrogen dispenser with a storage capacity of up to 2,400 liters (equivalent to 76 kg of hydrogen). The dispenser is infrared-connected and includes a 7″ touch screen.  The technology is designed to refuel city buses and other vehicles at pressures of up to 350 bar.

Wolftank has overseen the entire installation process, from the distribution system, including the valve assembly, sensors and other control and safety components, to ensuring that the HSF operates at its optimal capacity.

In this specific project, the hydrogen is generated by the customer’s own electrolyzer and subsequently compressed to the required pressure of 350 bar. The hydrogen’s journey is then very simple: it is introduced into the storage blocks provided by Wolftank through its distribution system (valves, sensors and other control and safety elements) until it is dispensed through the HSF.

Wolftank Iberia continues to grow

Wolftank Iberia’s team includes hydrogen experts who are making a significant impact in the region. Following the successful installation of a Hydrogen Smart Container (HSC) suitable for public buses in the Madrid region, they are now expanding the hydrogen economy to the Atlantic islands. In addition, as part of the commitment to decarbonization, the company has joined Gasnam Neutral Transport, an Iberian sustainable transport association that integrates the gas and hydrogen value chain to meet the environmental, economic and operational challenges across land, sea and air transportation.

The prevailing context is ideal, given the Spanish public administration’s clear commitment to decarbonization and the promotion of renewable energies. The Iberian Peninsula is strongly positioning itself to become a hub for renewable energy within the European region and Wolftank is contributing its extensive experience to this endeavor.


HSF installed in Canarias.
Hydrogen refueling in Canary Islands, Spain.
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